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Aek Hengsritawach is a native of Bangkok who formerly worked as a Barista and is now a Processor and Connector. He was one of the first to travel up to Doi Sam Muen in Mae Wang, Chiang Mai, ten years ago to collaborate closely with local Thai farmers. While Aek is not local to Doi […]



It’s been nearly 10 years since ‘Nawin,’ a farmer and processor from Doi Chang, took over his grandfather and father’s coffee business and plantation. Doi Chang is carpeted with coffee plantations and is the largest coffee-growing area in the north. Despite the fact that Nawin jumped into the coffee industry with zero knowledge and experience, […]


P’ Kaleb

If you’ve been following the Thai coffee industry in the last year, you’ve almost certainly heard about Kaleb Jordan, or ‘P’ Kaleb’, a coffee producer and owner of Gem Forest Roastery from Doi Maneepruek. P’ Kaleb was the first person to introduce Nan to specialty coffee varieties like Geisha. Despite his non-Thai appearance, P’ Kaleb […]


P’ Chatree

It’s been over 8 years to date since P’ Chatree set his eyes on leveraging coffee as a tool to better the lives of his family and fellow farmers in the community. “Coffee is everything for Khun Chang Kian Village, we were born and raised into agriculture. When we started using chemicals, our lives went […]


Nui and Aoy

Noi and Aoy are a lovely couple from Baan Pong in Doi Saket, Chiang Mai, who share a passion for coffee processing. They were one of the first coffee farmers Roots had the pleasure of working with Almost 10 years ago, before Nui and Aoy started processing coffee, Nui was an Engineer who traveled frequently […]



Toki has only been seriously processing coffee for 3 years, but in that time he has gone through numerous trials and errors, gaining expertise and knowledge in the process of coffee-making.



Uten Somboonkamchu, or ‘Aten’ as his friends call him, is a graphic designer who has found a passion for coffee since he was in college. His interest led him to go picking for coffee cherries in the local backyard gardens at Baan Mae Dad Noi in Kalayaniwattana district, Chiang Mai. The coffee cherries there are […]


P’ Sopa

Mr. Roots: What were you doing before you became a coffee producer? P’ Sopa: I used to work in a factory that manufactured electronic parts for a Japanese company. I was working there for around 2 years before I returned home. Mr. Roots: What do you like about this region? P’ Sopa: I’m originally from […]


P’ Sri

Mr. Roots: What were you doing before you became a coffee farmer? P’ Sri: I was a regular employee.. After I managed to save up a bit of money, I decided to become a tea and miang farmer. Eventually, I started to farm coffee and haven’t looked back since! Mr. Roots: What do you like […]


Fuadi Pitsuwan &
Jane Kittarattanapaiboon

Mr. Roots: What were you doing before you became a coffee producer and how did you end up in Chiang Rai? Fuadi:I am an academic by training. My interest in coffee started 7 years ago while I was studying in the US. It was in the US where I frequented specialty coffee shops and had […]


Ray Buerger

Mr. Roots: What were you doing before you became a coffee processor? Ray: I was building custom homes back in the USA. Our building philosophy was to create spaces that would suit each family’s lifestyle. The homes were not overly large or pretentious, we prefer to let the quality and timelessness to speak for themselves.  […]


P’ Oh and P’ Joe

Mr. Roots: What were you doing before you became a coffee farmer? P’ Oh: We were rubber tree farmers in the south of Thailand before we relocated to Mae Kam Pong about 10 years ago. We were in awe of the untouched forest and the laid-back atmosphere of the people here – it really wasn’t […]

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