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Meet the Farmers

Get to know the ‘Cup Of Excellence’ competition, an opportunity to introduce Thai coffee to the world


Choey-Itthiphon Sawasdipuksa, a coffee educator and founder of COOF shares with you the exciting backstory of 'Cup Of Excellence' competition.

Live from Farm

Coffee Berry Borer: a tiny insect causing harm to coffee plantations worldwide


Get to know the story from the Baan Khun Mae Ruam coffee plantation in Chiang Mai, the hometown of Toki, who are now actively fighting against the coffee pest outbreak

Meet the Maker of Roots’ Modular Bar: Studiomake’s David Schafer 


Let's hear from David Schafer, the founder of Studiomake, on what he has to say about the construction of the Modular Bar project and the meticulous details that went into it!

Coffee Playground EP: Roots Origin Trip


Let's hear what fun and exciting things Tae, the Head Barista, and Nu, a Barista at Roots BITEC, have to say about this year Roots Origin Trip.

Roots Origin Trip 2022: The Journal


An annual trip that usually takes place during the coffee harvesting season. The purpose of this trip isn't simply to say hello to the farmers we work with. It's to immerse our Roots Baristas to feel the intention and passion of the local farmers who produce the coffee beans they brew.

Bringing Thailand’s Robusta coffee to new heights: a journey filled with hopes and challenges


Kaleb Jordan and Fuadi Pitsuwan shares their beliefs in the potential of Robusta coffee and its comparable quality to Arabica

COFFEE PLAYGROUND EP.5: Coffee Varietals


Dive into the interesting stories behind four rare coffee varietals - Typica, Java, Catimor and Syrina.

COFFEE PLAYGROUND EP.4: Apinan’s coffee


Get to know Apinan’s coffee and learn a new brewing technique that can extract more sweetness and flavor from this coffee!



Get to know more about Aten and explore brewing techniques using his coffee with us, which can create different flavors by changing how we pour water.

COLD BREW SERIES EP.5: Coldbrewers at home (Coffee Jelly)


Take a look at this episode to see how easy making Coffee Jelly to add in your favorite drink.

COLD BREW SERIES EP.4: Coldbrewers at Home (Almond Milk Coconut Cold Brew)


Love dairy-free alternatives? Join us as we guide you through this easy recipe you can make at home!

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