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Donutt and her
Tropical Wave Cold Brew


Donutt, our barista who won Roots Barista’s Choice for August 2018 talks about her winning drink: Tropical Wave Cold Brew.

Bloomberry Cold Brew


The winner of Barista’s Choice for July is our barista Jade with his creation, the Bloomberry Cold Brew.

An afternoon with
Aoon Pottery


Nguan, a ceramic maker at Aoon Pottery, shares stories behind Roots ceramic cup.

Citrus Almond cold brew


Eve, one of the newest baristas to join Roots this year has won the Barista’s Choice for June with her Citrus Almond Cold Brew.

The perfect playlist for your favorite cup of coffee
By DJ Doduck


Our barista DJ Doduck has a recommended tune for each of Roots’ coffee offering, so you can enjoy your coffee experience even further.

Why I took Thai coffee to
the National Thailand Barista Championship


Tae Rodeo competed in National Thailand Barista Championship 2018 (NTBC) and chose to use this opportunity to showcase Thai coffee.

Donutt and her
Juiced Up! Cold Brew


Donutt, our barista who won Roots Barista’s Choice for May 2018 talks about her winning drink: Juiced Up! cold brew.

Sathon showcase concept


It’s something that Roots has never done before but this venture is very much what we’ve been working up towards since day one.

Coffee – People –
For tomorrow


This is what makes Roots - well, Roots: Coffee - People - For tomorrow.

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