Did you know that you can brew the same coffee to have different tasting notes by changing the way you pour the water?

In this episode of Coffee Playground, our roaster Ploy shares brewing techniques using Aten’s coffee with us, which can create different flavors by changing how we pour water. This is because pouring the water can cause coffee agitation. The more we pour, the more coffee extraction happens. Thus, the flavor changes as well.

Different techniques, different flavors

For this coffee, Ploy recommends brewing by using 20g of coffee and 50g of water for pre-infusion. We start with pre-infusion to let the coffee releases CO2, which results in better coffee flavor extraction. After the pre-infusion, wait for 40 seconds, then pour another 70g of water.

Then we will use an agitation technique to create a different coffee flavor profile. For those of you who love balanced coffee with a caramel note, try pouring 60g of water and wait for 30 seconds. Then repeat this process two more times.

For people who enjoy coffee with fruity tones, try pouring 90g of water and wait for 40 seconds. Repeat this process one more time. 

We hope you enjoy these brewing techniques, and don’t forget to share with us on how it goes!

Getting to know Aten
Processor from Mae Date Noi Village, Chiang Mai

Aten is a new generation processor from Mae Date Noi Village, Chiang Mai. He loves experimenting with new processing techniques to improve coffee quality. For this coffee, Aten used a Natural method process, but first he fermented the coffee in a tank after washing the coffee cherries. This technique creates a rich and beautiful flavor of blueberries. His attention to detail when drying the coffee gives it a clean taste and more sweetness compared to other coffees that have been processed with the Natural method.

Read more about Aten here.


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