Pandan Sesame Cold Brew

Introducing our delightful Barista’s Choice menu for this month: the Pandan Sesame Cold Brew! This scrumptious drink is full of lovely pandan aroma and was inspired by the traditional Thai dessert ‘Thong Muan.’ Our amazing team of Barista Managers, Eve and Lhing, stumbled upon this inspiration while in search of an afternoon snack.

The Pandan Sesame Cold Brew features a delightful blend of pandan caramel sauce made from palm sugar, deliciously creamy roasted sesame milk, and the bold flavors of Roots Concentrated Cold Brew. On top, you’ll be treated to a layer of velvety sesame foam, adorned with a crisp Tuile, a Thai and French-inspired snack that adds a delightful mix of textures with white sesame, black sesame, and toasted coconut!

Both Eve and Lhing guarantee that the Pandan Sesame Cold Brew is not only delicious but also easy to appreciate! It’s ready to be served at all branches of Roots throughout August. So, why wait? Visit us and give it a try! We promise you’ll love it!


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