The Inspiration behind
Virgo’s Punch Cold Brew

Art, our winner of Barista’s Choice in September, tells us about her Virgo’s Punch Cold Brew, a drink inspired by her love for stargazing.

Mr. Roots: Could you please tell us about your Virgo’s Punch Cold Brew?

Art: Before entering Barista’s Choice this month, I went to the Science Center of Education to see if I could find some ideas for the competition. I really enjoyed stargazing while I was there. I spotted Virgo, a zodiac constellation for the September month which has always been symbolized as a woman/maiden. So, I came up with an idea to create a drink that would represent this idea of beauty and femininity. After that, I did some research to find out which fruit would suit this representation; apples seemed to be a perfect fit. I remembered there’s a saying “Women are like apples on trees. The best ones are at the top of the tree.” And Gala apple was my choice for this creation.

Mr. Roots: Why did you choose Gala apple?

Art: I used Gala apple because I wanted to use the type of apple that would give me the sweetness without the tartness. For a little bit of sourness that I thought would be better suited for the drink, I added some apple cider vinegar instead.

Mr. Roots: I heard that, at first, you were going to name it Virgin Cold Brew. Why did you change your mind?

Art: Haha, yes! Virgin Cold Brew was named after the constellation as virgin is the symbol for Virgo. That’s why I thought of this name at first. But then I realised that our customers might be shocked if they heard this name (laugh). So, I changed it to Virgo’s Punch Cold Brew.

Mr. Roots: What were the comments about this drink from the Barista’s Choice competition?

Art: They thought the flavor was refreshingly new. Sipping this cold brew reminded them of a coffee processing mill because of its fermentation scent. But the flavor is actually similar to cascara tea. Before serving it at Roots, I adjusted the recipe a little bit, making it less sweet and adding a little less apple cider vinegar, just to make the overall taste more balanced and easier to drink.

Mr. Roots: If Virgo’s Punch Cold Brew was a woman, what would she be like?

Art: From the outside, you would probably think of her as a sweet girl. But once you get to know the ‘real’ her, you would know that she is a sassy girl! Actually, I think she would be a lot like me (laugh.)

Mr. Roots: Anything else you want to tell our customers about this drink?

Art: Just try it! Coffee and apple juice may seem like an ordinary combination. But, trust me, this one is different!



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