COLD BREW SERIES EP.5: Coldbrewers at home (Coffee Jelly)

Coffee Jelly

Our Concentrated Cold Brew can be used for more than just coffee! . Barista Tam, who loves sweets, shows us how easy it is to make coffee jelly from our Concentrated Cold Brew. Check out the recipe in our latest video, Coldbrewers at Home: EP.5.


1 Gelatin sheet 1 piece
2 Brown sugar 50g
3 Water 100ml
4 Concentrated Cold Brew 300g


1 Soak a sheet of gelatin in a bowl of cold water
2 Measure 300g of Concentrated Cold Brew into a container
3 Add 100ml of water and 50g of brown sugar
4 Pour mixture into a pot 
5 On a low-medium heat, stir the mixture continuously until the sugar melts
6 Once the gelatin sheet is soft, add it to the mixture 
7 Stir the mixture until the gelatin sheet dissolves
Tip! If you prefer a firmer coffee jelly texture, substitute gelatin with agar powder 
8 Once gelatin sheet has dissolved, pour the mixture into a container with a lid
9 Refrigerate container for 30-60 minutes until the mixture sets
10 Remove container from the fridge and cut the coffee jelly into small cubes


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