COLD BREW SERIES EP.4: Coldbrewers at Home (Almond Milk Coconut Cold Brew)

Almond Milk Coconut Cold Brew

Do you prefer dairy-free alternatives? If so, don’t miss this episode of “Coldbrewers at Home”. Barista Bank shares a Concentrated Cold Brew recipe using almond milk!


1 Coconut juice 300g
2 Palm sugar 100g
3 Almond milk 80g
4 Concentrated Cold Brew 50g
5 Coconut flakes


To make the coconut juice syrup:
1. Bring 300g of coconut juice to a boil 
2. Add 100g of palm sugar and stir until melted
Note: We recommend using a 3:1 ratio of coconut juice to palm sugar.

To make the drink:
1. Add ice to a glass
2. Add 40-50g of Concentrated Cold Brew 
3. Add 80g of almond milk
4. Add 2 tablespoons of coconut juice syrup
5. Stir ingredients together well
6. Top off with coconut flakes for added texture

Feel free to substitute the almond milk with other nondairy alternatives and share your thoughts with us!


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