COLD BREW SERIES EP.3: Coldbrewers at Home (Apple Cinnamon Cold Brew)

Feel like creating your own signature coffee from our Concentrated Cold Brew? Tune in to our ‘Coldbrewers at Home’ video series for some inspiration! Our baristas were tasked with creating new coffee drinks using ingredients that can easily be found in a nearby supermarket. Our first video is of Barista Art, who will show you how to make her Apple & Cinnamon Cold Brew. Get your Concentrated Cold Brew ready and let’s get brewing together!

Apple Cinnamon Cold Brew


100% Apple juice 500ml
Honey 1tbsp
Soda water 20ml
Cinnamon sticks 2-3 pieces
Fresh green apple


To make cinnamon infused apple juice:
1. Add half a bottle of apple juice (500ml) and two cinnamon sticks to a saucepan
2. Heat the ingredients until the juice starts to simmer
Tip! Allow infused juice to completely cool down before mixing with other ingredients

To make the drink:
1. Add 1 tbsp of honey (10g)
2. Add 4 tbsp of cinnamon infused apple juice
3. Stir ingredients well
4. Add some ice
5. Add 20ml of soda water and stir well
6. Add 60ml of Concentrated Cold Brew 
7. Garnish with green apple slices (and cinnamon sticks, if desired)


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