COFFEE PLAYGROUND EP.4: Apinan’s coffee

In this episode of Coffee Playground, our roaster Ploy shares a brewing technique using Apinan’s comforting and low-acidity coffee from Phu Tub Berk (Phetchabun province).

Using Ploy’s brewing technique, you’ll be able to extract body, sweetness, a note of toffee and apple-like acidity from the coffee. Ploy recommends using a 1:14 ratio to increase the body. Start by using 20g of coffee and 40g of water for pre-infusion. Then pour the 60g of water and wait for 30 seconds. Repeat this process three times until the scale reads 280g. Let’s get brewing and we hope you enjoy the coffee!

Getting to know Apinan
Producer from Phu Tub Berk, Phetchabun

Apinan has been producing and exporting Phu Tub Berk coffee for about 4 years now. Although he started his journey as a processor, he has now developed a new passion for teaching and working with local farmers to improve the quality of their coffee. He believes that farmers can add real value to their product in the supply chain rather than selling coffee to traders at a disadvantaged price. His goals are to equip farmers with knowledge and skills, which in turn, can help create a more sustainable supply chain while also building a reputation for Phu Tub Berk as a new growing region that’s ideal for coffee production.


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