Very Gooseberry Cold Brew

On our most recent #rootsorigintrip, Donutt found cape gooseberries at the coffee farm of P’Jaroon. This local fruit has a sweet taste that comes with a hint of sourness and a fragrant aroma. When she tasted them, she knew instantly that this was going to be the inspiration for her cold brew creation.

To make the drink, Donutt first needed to extracts the flavors of the gooseberries. She bashes them up to release the natural microbes so that the fermentation process can begin. Each day, she would add sugar into the fermentation jar until the mixture reaches the ideal sweetness.

Donutt wanted to add another level of complexity and sourness to the drink, so she searched for a citrus fruit that would complement the beautiful flavors of gooseberries. She found that grapefruit was perfect for this, thanks to its slightly bitter taste and refreshing note. To balance everything out, Donutt added some local honey from the farm of Chang Pao, our coffee farmer friend in Le Tor Glo Village, Tak.

To complete the drink, Donutt adds a touch of grapefruit skin on top of the drink. Once you begin to sip the drink, you’ll be able to enjoy the uplifting aroma followed by the beautiful, well-balanced taste of all the ingredients especially the cape gooseberries.


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