Sweet & Sour Tamarind Cold Brew

Meet the Sweet & Sour Tamarind Cold Brew, this month’s Barista’s Choice by Barista Nut and Utt. Our Barista’s sought to make a drink that would allow everyone to enjoy the sweet and sour flavors of Thai fruits like Tamarind and Bael!

First, they combine Concentrated cold brew with Bael tea and Coffee Blossom syrup to create a unique sweetness and aroma, and then they top it off with a layer of Tamarind and Honey foam! When you take a sip of this drink, you’ll get a refreshing sour taste from the foam followed by the sweet taste of the coffee, which complements each other perfectly.

The Sweet & Sour Tamarind Cold Brew is a fun drink with complex flavors that you’re sure to love! Come and try it this month at all branches of Roots.


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