Salacca Splash Cold Brew

Meet our Barista’s Choice for July 2024, the Salacca Splash Cold Brew! Three talented Roots Baristas – Ja (Paweena), Som (Chutinan), and Pond (Thanapon) – have teamed up to create a unique cold brew coffee unlike any other using three local fruits: salacca, fresh palm juice, and coconut.

The highlight of this drink is the tangy and fresh salacca juice, a familiar favorite in southern Thailand, perfectly balanced with the sweet aroma of fresh palm juice and coconut water. Combined with the bold flavor of Roots Cold Brew Concentrate, it’s a burst of refreshment that takes you straight to a countryside fruit orchard. And for a fun textural twist, it’s garnished with a crunchy salacca and palm chip!

Freshen up with the Salacca Splash Cold Brew, our Barista’s Choice for July 2024. It’s available now at all Roots branches (until the end of July only).


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