Ryokucha Cold Brew

Say hello to sunny March with the fun and refreshing ‘Ryokucha Cold Brew,’ our Barista’s Choice Menu that puts a twist on green tea, giving it a more flavor complexity with lemon and Greek yogurt. 4 Baristas created this delicious drink: Apimook Lablae (Milk), Satayu Srirach (Beer), Paweena Meemusik (Jah), and Naruemon Srisawat (Oil).

We start with Kiku no Shiro Okumidori green tea from Kyoto and Roots Cold Brew Concentrate, then add a layer of refreshing sourness with Lemon Syrup and Cream Cheese Greek Yogurt that sits as a velvety, creamy layer on top of the glass. The drink is garnished with Candied Lemon for a fun and surprising finish!

Experience the fun of summer with the ‘Ryokucha Cold Brew’ and the Roots team! Served only in March 2024.


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