Pumpkin Coconut Cold Brew

If you’re a fan of traditional Thai desserts like pumpkin in coconut milk and pumpkin cake, don’t miss the Pumpkin coconut cold brew which takes its inspiration from these delicious local delights.

Barista Gook has chosen to incorporate the flavors of her favorite desserts into her coffee creation. First, she makes her own pumpkin milk by steaming and blending fresh pumpkin with fresh milk. Then she makes a delicious pumpkin caramel sauce by cooking pumpkin together with coconut milk. This creamy and flavorful sauce pairs perfectly with the aromatic pumpkin foam that goes on top of the drink. Finally, she sprinkles on some homemade pumpkin seed candy so that customers can enjoy the drink with an extra crunch!

Don’t miss Pumpkin coconut cold brew, available throughout September.  


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