Journey Blend

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Journey Blend


50% Guatemala, Todosanterita Mill, Fully-washed process

50% Costa Rica, Montana del Diamente, Fully-washed process


Notes Almond praline, Plum, Hazelnut finish


About the blend 

We hope to take you on a comforting - yet intricately balanced - voyage with our signature coffee, The Journey Blend. Two types of coffee beans were selected with utmost care and purpose to create this particular blend.

Both are processed using the fully-washed method, which means the coffee fruits are pulped and allowed to ferment before being washed clean. We decided to roast the coffee from Guatemala, Todosanterita Mill slightly darker in order to create nutty, almond praline with a syrupy mouthfeel. The coffee from Costa Rica, Montanas del Diamante on the other hand, adds a lovely fruitiness that gives the blend an interesting note of plum with a hazelnut finish. By carefully and selectively roasting the beans, we can make sure that the unique traits and characters of each coffee can really transpire and shine through.

Brew this blend with the recommended parameters below and you will experience a round, syrupy, and balanced cup of espresso. For milk-based coffee, we recommend a cappuccino. Our preferred ratio is 1 shot of espresso with steamed milk in a 5-6 ounce cup. Enjoy!



Brewing guide

Dose Time Espresso