Journey Blend

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Journey Blend


50% Tanzania, Muriba washing station, Fully-washed process

50% Brazil, San Antonio, Natural process


Notes Juicy, Dark rum, Chocolate finish


About the producer

The avorful venture that you get from our Journey Blend derives from a unique combination of wash processing and natural processing coffee.

At San Antonio Cooperative in Brazil, the whole coffee fruit is dried in a thin layer right after picking. This process is what gives the bean its richness and chocolatey avor.

The bean from Muriba washing station in Tanzania, on the other hand, takes a slightly different route. Once the ripened coffee cherry arrive at the mill, the coffee fruit is removed of its skin. After pulping, the coffee is left to ferment in a tank for 24 hours before getting washed and dried on a raised bed. It is this processing method that adds the fruitiness and juiciness to the blend.


Brewing guide

Dose Time Espresso
19g 30sec 36g