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85% Thailand, Huay Nam Khun, Sweet Cherry (Honey-Light process)

15% Brazil, San Antonio estate (Natural process)



Chocolate Bar, Creamy, Sweet aftertaste 


About the producer

Aftersweet is one of our signature blends designed to pair especially well with desserts. It is sweet with a rounded body and not too much acidity. Although unlike any coffee you will find in the marketplace, there are certain characteristics that Thais will find familiar and love. The coffee is from Huay Nam Khun, Chiangrai and is naturally sweet from the processing method used. During the processing, the skin of the coffee is removed and the fruits are allowed to dry for 7-10 days. This results in natural fermentation during the drying process and increases the sweetness in the cup while rounding out the acidity. We then add coffee from San Antonio estate, Brazil to the blend for its chocolate notes and creamy mouthfeel. Aftersweet is comforting and approachable - appealing to a broad range of customers.


Brewing guide

Dose Time Espresso
18 g 25 sec 35 g