Plum Sour Cold Brew

The Barista’s Choice of the month, Donutt wanted to create a drink that combines sourness and sweetness together. She decided to make plums the star of the drink, not only does it have the flavors that she is after but it’s also a seasonal fruit that’s harvested during this time of the year. The plums she has chosen to use are from Ata’s farm – our coffee farmer from Doi Pangkhon (Chiang Rai) and P’Nawin’s farm in Mae Suay (Chiang Rai).

To make the drink, Donutt bashes the plums to soften them up before leaving it overnight. She then adds in about 10% of the sugar everyday for 4 days and then filters it to make a syrup. She adds the plum syrup to the cold brew and tops it off with fresh pineapple juice to highlight the sour and sweet taste of the drink. When you sip the super refreshing Ume Cold Bre, make sure you taste the salt on the rim of the cup too as it helps bring all the beautiful flavors together in the drink!

Try now at Roots until the end of May.


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