PB & G Cold Brew

This month’s Barista’s Choice is the ‘PB & G Cold Brew,’ a drink created by Barista Mild (Papinya Wongsasont) and Mook (Onicha Saesow) with the goal of transporting you back to your childhood summer holidays.

Barista My and Mook’s childhood memories of delicious and nostalgic peanut butter and jelly sandwich, beautiful summer sunlight, and a refreshing drink served as the inspiration for this cup of coffee. They add a sweet and sour flavor to the Cold Brew with grape syrup, followed by a smooth and creamy flavor from the homemade peanut milk, suitable for those who do not drink cow’s milk—garnished with crunchy peanut crackers!

If you miss the sweet and nostalgic taste of childhood summers, or if you want to kick off this summer with a drink that is both fun and refreshing – come on over and try out the PB & G Cold Brew that’s sure to keep you energized all month! Available at all Roots locations.


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