Orangroni Cold Brew

Usually, cold brew creations will have an element of sourness to bring out the refreshing taste of the coffee but Baristas Bank and Art have got other ideas for their winning beverage. Choosing to sweetness over sourness with a subtle touch of spice, they’ve created Orangroni Cold Brew which was inspired by their favorite drink: the Negroni.

To put a new spin on the Negroni’s signature sweetness and uplifting aroma of orange, Art and Bank infuses cinnamon into roselle juice and then adds in some homemade ginger ale before letting this mixture ferment for 2 months. This is then turned into a beautiful syrup which helps to add the element of spice and sweetness to the drink once mixed in with the cold brew coffee.

When you take a sip, you’ll notice the delicious orange jelly which they’ve added to highlight the citrus flavors and give the drink a contrasting texture. An oven-dried, crispy orange slice is placed on top to give the drink a final touch of flavor and aroma of orange. Available at Roots throughout August.


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