Nual La-Or Cold Brew

November is here, and so is our newest Barista’s Choice: the Nual La-Or Cold Brew! Inspired by the 3 sweet and delicate flavors of Thai desserts made from local ingredients like black sugarcane, pandan leaves, and jackfruit, the Nual La-Or Cold Brew is a sweet black coffee with a lovely aroma that’s easy to drink, just as the 3 baristas who created it – Som, Baifern, and Jah – intended.

The Roots Cold Brew Concentrate is perfectly complemented by the sweet and delicate flavors of the Black Sugarcane Juice with its unique aftertaste, the Pandan Syrup with a distinctive Thai dessert aroma, and the Jackfruit foam with its sweetness. The crispy Jackfruit Flakes garnish coated in fleur de sel gives the drink a fun chew and flavorful contrast!

Experience a sweet and delicate Thai-style sweetness of the Nual La-Or Cold Brew throughout November 2023 at all Roots branches.


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