Lychee Delight Cold Brew

Forget the ordinary summer days of April! This month, we’re celebrating the sweet, tropical flavor of lychee with our Barista’s Choice for April 2024: the ‘Lychee Delight Cold Brew’ whipped up by Barista Eve (Waranya Ratsameenopparat). This refreshing Cold Brew bursts with lychee flavor and aroma, and trust us, it’s unlike anything you’ve tried before!

This delightful drink is made with Lychee Purée, Pandan Juice, and the Roots Concentrated Cold Brew. For a touch of complexity, the coffee is simmered with Hops, giving the drink its intriguing aroma. The Cold Brew is topped with a delicious garnish inspired by a classic Thai dessert – Lychee and Pandan Leaf Sticky Rice.

Escape the hot sun and sip on the ‘Lychee Delight Cold Brew’ at all branches of Roots! Available until the end of April 2024.


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