Longan Lemonade Cold Brew

The unique and musky sweetness of the Longan fruit is a taste Barista ‘Kook’ Kannika Nenkaew is familiar with. She incorporates Longan into this month’s Barista’s Choice menu, and it will surprise those who have had Longan before. Celebrate the end of the year with our special Longan Lemonade Cold Brew at Roots!

Barista Kook’s family eat Longan regularly on weekends, often in the form of juice or, as a popular dessert, sweet sticky rice with longan. While thinking of the Barista’s Choice menu, there was a high supply of Longan in the market, which sparked Barista Kook’s inspiration to bring this seemingly ordinary Thai fruit with complex and exciting flavors into a Cold Brew.

Barista Kook incorporates the sourness of homemade lemonade to complement the flavor of Longan because she doesn’t want her coffee to have the standard, expected ‘Longan flavor.’ This produces coffee with an excellent balance of sweet and sour flavors, and the top is garnished with Longan jelly for extra flavor clarity!

Anyone who has tried longan juice before will be blown away by the new level of refreshing and freshness that comes from combining it with lemon and coffee. You’ll see that Thai fruits can be used to make something new, and there’s more room to grow. Come taste the Longan Lemonade Cold Brew this December only at Roots!


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