Little Garden Cold Brew

Meet ‘Little Garden,’ our Barista’s Choice menu for February 2024 that captures the heartwarming love between a son and his dad through the flavors of fruits and desserts like tamarind, coconut, banana, and sticky rice – a dessert they enjoyed together in their home garden.

The drink’s creator, Barista Pond (Thanapon Khunmak) designed the sweet and sour flavor of the ‘Tamarind Caramel’ mixture to be the highlight of this drink. It adds a sweetness and a light aroma that goes well with the ‘Roots Concentrated Cold Brew’ and ‘Roasted Coconut Syrup.’ The top of the drink is layered with velvety “Banana Oat Milk Cream” with its lovely aroma and garnished with crunchy ‘Caramel Rice Puffs,’ representing one of dad’s favorite foods!

Experience the warmth of this drink and be whisked away to a beautiful backyard with the ‘Little Green’ Barista’s Choice today at all Roots branches. Available throughout February only.


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