Kinako Mochi Cold Brew

Say hello to a new month with Kinako Mochi Cold Brew created by Barista Eve!

She has taken the inspiration from mochi, a Japanese treat that is often given to friends and family during celebratory occasions in Japanese culture. This special dessert is often sprinkled with kinako (soybean flour) that gives it a beautiful aroma and comforting taste.

To make the drink, Eve mixes our cold brew coffee with kinako milk and rice syrup. She makes her own kinako milk by roasting the soybeans then blending it until it becomes a powder. She then takes adds fresh milk to this powder and brings it to a boil. For the rice syrup, she rests the rice in water until it has absorbed enough of the aroma and taste of the rice. For the topping, she makes a delicious milk foam by blending the leftover rice with fresh milk and gelatin before finally sprinkling some kinako powder over the top.

Don’t miss the super comforting and aromatic cold brew creation available at Roots until the end of February.


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