Flowery Cranberry Cold Brew

Those who enjoy flowery-scented teas will fall in love with our Barista’s Choice: ‘Flowery Cranberry Cold Brew’ this October! This drink brings together the passions of Baristas Chatploy, Pipe, and Meen.

What’s special about this fragrant Osmanthus Cold Brew coffee is the meticulous process of creating the ingredients. From the cold-pressed Osmanthus flowers, which are kept overnight for the best flavor and aroma, to the Cranberry & Orange Syrup, which gives a sweet and sour flavor to the coffee to balance out the strong taste of the Cold Brew. This drink is topped with a layer of wild honey-infused osmanthus foam and garnished with Cranberry with Orange zest for a delightful crunch.

Visit us for a coffee and unwind with the ‘Flowery Cranberry Cold Brew’ menu at all Roots branches or for delivery. Available throughout October only.


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