Fermented Mulberry Cold Brew

Say hello to Fermented Mulberry Cold Brew. Barista Jo was so inspired by the unique taste of P’Chatree’s yeast fermented coffee that he wanted to experiment with yeast-fermented fruits and make an interesting drink from it.

Jo starts by making a fruity syrup by fermenting mulberries and peaches with water, yeast and palm sugar. He continues to add in the palm sugar for 3 days to get the ideal sweetness. The syrup has a subtle aroma of berries and peaches which he mixes with the cold brew. To lift the sour and sweet notes of the drink, he adds in a homemade mulberry syrup. He tops the drink off with dried mulberry for that extra, delicious crunch. This refreshing cold brew with a fruity and sour note is not to be missed!

Fermented Mulberry Cold Brew is available until the end of the month as a takeaway or delivery via Line Man, GrabFood and Get.


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