Breezy Fizzy Cold Brew

Sip on a drink that will make you smile and get you in the mood for the festive season! Introducing our Barista’s Choice for December 2023, the refreshing ‘Breezy Fizzy Cold Brew’ by HeartBeat (Tanchanita Apitanadol).

This drink features a sweet and tangy ‘Strawberry & Banana Sauce’ and our homemade ‘Apple Cider,’ with its unique taste and aroma thanks to its special blend of palm sugar and apple pulp. Then comes the rich, bold flavor of the ‘Roots Cold Brew Concentrate’ balanced by the refreshing fizz of ‘Tonic Water.’ And for the perfect finishing touch, a dollop of sweet ‘Apple Foam’ and a Crispy Strawberry garnish for a fun and delightful crunch.

Enjoy the ‘Breezy Fizzy Cold Brew’ ready to get you in the holiday spirit at all Roots branches. Available this December only!


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