Black N’ Roses Cold Brew

For this season of love, Barista Nut (Alawun Thongkomut) presents the ‘Black N’ Roses Cold Brew,’ this month’s Barista’s Choice menu. Barista Nut drew inspiration for this drink from her own love experience, so you’ll find that this coffee has a perfectly blended flavor of sweet with a touch of bitterness. 

These exquisite flavors come from a mixture of raw ingredients representing the season of love, like roses! Rose tea is combined with green and red apple juice, followed by Cold brew coffee that acts like a cupid by connecting the sweet and sour taste of apple juice with the bitterness and unique smell of the rose tea.

The refreshing aroma of this cup of coffee might remind you of relationships that are or were once meaningful, sometimes sweet, sometimes bitter, where each flavor has its own interesting charm.

Come and try the Black N’ Roses Cold Brew to celebrate the month of love! Available at all Roots branches. 


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