BaCaDamia Cold Brew

On our latest #rootsorigintrip, Barista Pond was not only blown away by the greenery up North, but he was also so amazed at all the plants and fruits that our coffee farmer friends were growing alongside their coffee trees. From cape gooseberries, bananas to even macadamia nuts, Pond has decided to create BaCaDamia Cold Brew that combined all these homegrown fruits and nuts together so that people can appreciate the wonders of local finds and the uniqueness of their flavors. Pond decided to showcase the vibrant taste of these fruits by turning them into syrups and adding them to the cold brew. You’ll also be able to taste the refreshing sourness of the gooseberries and beautiful aroma from the banana. To add nuttiness to the drink, Pond blends the macadamia nuts and turns it into a delicious, creamy foam topping. Take a sip and enjoy this complex yet perfectly balanced creation! Available at Roots until the end of March.


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