Thailand, Mae Kampong Village

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Thailand, Mae Kampong Village

Notes: Mild, Toffee, Red apple-like acidity

Producer: P'Oh & P'Joe

Region: Mae Kampong Village, Chiang Mai


Elevation1,400 - 1,500 m

VarietalTypica, Catimor


About the Farm

The first coffee trees planted in Mae Kampong Village were a part of the opium replacement program founded by the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej in the 1970's. The wonderful flavors of Mae Gumpong coffee are the direct result of P'Oh and P'Joe's effort and dedication in preserving the forest where the coffee trees reside. It is their belief that coffee trees can thrive in the wild as well as support the eco system of the forest. The exchange of organic matter which happens over time between the coffee trees and other native vegetation in this forest allows the beans to culminate an interesting and complex flavor profile.

Once the coffee fruits arrive at the processing station, the coffee skin is removed. Then they are transferred to dry on a raised bed for around 25 days. The flavors of the coffee start to develop while undergoing the drying process; you'll be able to taste a note of toffee and a red apple-like acidity.


Brewing Guide

Dose Water Temp. Time
Press 17g 270ml 93c 4:00m
Aeropress 15g 225ml 93c 2:30m
Pour over 20g 300ml 93c 2:40m