Thailand, Chanida

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Thailand, Chanida

Notes: Silky, Blackberries, Hazelnut finish

Farm: Chanida

Region: Pangkhon, Chiang Rai

ProcessKenya wash

Elevation1,400 m

VarietalBourbon & Catimor


About the coffee

This coffee is from the Chanida farm, one of the members of the Beanspire Coffee group. With the elevation of 1,400 m, Chanida’s farm is one of the highest farms in the Pangkhon region of Chiang Rai. The coffee is processed through the Kenya-wash method. Once the ripe coffee cherries are picked, the cherries are pulped and dry fermented in a tank for 24 hours. After the fermentation, the coffee is then dried on the table. What makes Chanida’s coffee special is the unique picking-processing methods her coffee undergoes. Everyday, she would pick the coffee fruits herself, but she’ll only process them every other day. This means that half of her coffee are left to ferment naturally and results in the silky espresso with beautiful berries notes we taste in the cup.

Brewing guide

                   Dose                    Time                  Espresso
                   19.5g                   25sec                     40g