Thailand, Akor

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Thailand, Akor

NotesComforting, Oolong tea, Apricot acidity

Farm: Akor

Region: Pangkhon, Chiang Rai

Process: Kenya wash

Elevation: 1,300 m

VarietalBourbon & Catimor


About the coffee

This comforting coffee is from Akor Farm located in the Pang Khon region in Chiang Rai - the farm is also a member of the Beanspire Coffee group. The coffee is processed through the Kenya-wash method. Once the ripe coffee cherries are picked, the cherries are pulped and dry fermented in a tank for 24 hours. After the fermentation, the coffee is transferred to dry on a table before being soak in clean water. It is through this unique soaking process that makes the coffee juicy. Once roasted, the coffee beans have mild acidity and reveal a rounded oolong tea flavor.


Brewing guide

Dose Water Temp Time
Press 17g 270ml 93c 4:00m
Aeropress 15g 225ml 93c 2:30m
Pour over 20g 300ml 93c 2:40m