Seasonal Espresso

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Seasonal Espresso


20% Thailand, Jaroon's Farm (Kenya wash process)
45% Thailand, Jaroon's Farm (Honey process)
35% Thailand, Pangkhon (Honey process) 

Notes Velvety, Plum, Pecan pie finish


About the blend

This Seasonal Espresso blend mixes three very interesting types of coffee together. The first two types are from Jaroon's farm which is located at Khun Lao, Chiang Mai. Jaroon is actually the very first farmer we have had the pleasure in working with. His enthusiasm and passion for systematic farming are reflected through his beautiful and well-kept farm. He also cares deeply for the forest and makes sure that his coffee plants never encroaches onto the forest areas.

We experimented with the Kenya wash process with one lot, where there is double fermentation method which gives the blend its unique brightness. For the second lot, we experimented with the honey process (dry fermentation in a tank after removal of the coffee skin) hence why you'll be able to taste the sweetness and a toffee-like note.

To complete the blend, we also added the Pangkhon Honey process into the mix. This coffee is produced by Beanspire Coffee and comes from the mountainous region of Chiang Rai. After pulping, the beans are left to dry on raised beds. It is this addition of the Pangkhon coffee that gives the coffee a rounded and smooth mouthfeel.  


Brewing guide

Dose Time Espresso
19g 27 sec 35g