Thailand, Jaroon

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Thailand, Jaroon

NotesRound, Palm sugar, Peanut butter finish


Region: Khun Lao, Chiang Rai

ProcessBlack honey

Elevation:  1,050 m

VarietalTypica, Catimor


About the producer

Jaroon's farm is so well-cared-for that it almost feels like a botanical garden. The coffee plants co-exist harmoniously with the towering forest and huge variety of wildlife. This symbiotic existence creates coffee fruits bursting with rich organic flavors and sweetness. At the farm, Jaroon picks the ripened coffee fruits, rests them in a bag to increase the sugar content in the coffee and removes the skin on the following day. The pulped coffee is then transferred to a drying bed and left to dry slowly for 14-18 days. We, at Roots are incredibly excited to work with these beautiful beans and getting to explore the potential of Jaroon's coffee through the roasting process - can't wait to see what transpires!


Brewing guide

Dose Time Espresso
20 g 25 sec. 38 g