Thailand, Huay Nam Khun

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Thailand, Huay Nam Khun

Producer: Thai High Ventures

Region: Huay Nam Khun, Chiang Rai

NotesRound, Ripe blueberries, Cacao nibs finish

ProcessFreezer Honey

Elevation1,250 - 1,550 m

VarietalCatimor, Cavimor, Catuai  



This experimental coffee is from a collective group of farmers who are members of the Thai High Ventures at the Huay Nam Khun washing station in the northern province of Chiang Rai. The distinctive flavor of blueberries and natural sweetness of Huay Nam Khun coffee derive from the Freezer Honey method - a special process which was developed by Sasa Cestic, World Barista Champion (2015). After the coffee fruit is picked, it is kept in a bag to increase the ripeness overnight. After the coffee is pulped on the following day, the beans are left to ferment in a tank without water for 6 hours. Then, the coffee is transferred into a vacuum bag and stored at 0 degree Celcius for 36 hours. Finally, it is removed from the bag and dried on a raised bed. It is through this innovative process that the sugar content was able to develop fully and is what gives the coffee its signature sweetness.



dose water temp. time
press 18 g 270 g 93°c 4:00 m
aeropress 15 g 225 g 93°c 2:30 m
pour over 20 g 300 g 93°c 2:50 m