Nui and Aoy

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Nui and Aoy           

NotesSmooth, Nougat, Peach acidity

Farmer: Nui and Aoy

Region: Doi Saket, Chiang Mai

Country: Thailand


Elevation1,200 m




The coffee comes from Pang Bong, Doi Saket (1,200m), one of the first regions in Thailand to plant coffee. The coffee farm is set in an untouched jungle where dried leaves cover the top layer of the soil, so the coffee is able to retain the unique nougat-like flavor that you’ll be able to taste right away.


Nui and Aoy are second-generation farmers whose grit and passion are deeply reflected in the amazing quality of their coffee. Working with limitations such as steep terrains and scarce resources, meant that they have to be extremely careful at every step of the process. The challenge has only encouraged them to experiment with more techniques that will allow them to bring out the true potential of their coffee.


Through the semi-washed process, the coffee beans are picked and pulped on the same day. They then add water to the coffee for the wet fermentation that happens overnight. After light-washing to remove some of the mucilage, the beans are dried on raised beds for 14 days. With this process, we get a very sweet cup of coffee with a note of nougat.



Dose Water Temp. Time
18 g 270 ml 92°c 4:00 m
15 g 225 ml 90°c 2:30 m
20 g 300 ml 90°c 2:30 m