Brazil, Carmo de Minas

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Brazil, Carmo de Minas

NotesCreamy, Fig, Low acidity

FarmFazenda Sertão

Region: Carmo de Minas

Process: Natural

Elevation1,100 - 1,450 m

VarietalYellow Bourbon



The Sertão Estate in Carmo de Minas is owned by the Sertão Group, a family firm with over one hundred years of history in the production and commercialization of high-quality coffee. The region is renowned for its mineral water springs, perfect combination of latitude and altitude, mountainous terrain, well-defined seasons and fertile soil.

In an effort to ensure and promote environmentally sustainable practices, programs have been implemented to preserve springs, water sources, wildlife, forests, vegetation, and soil. All the water used in the washing tanks and pulpers is recycled, with residues transferred to settling ponds in order to avoid excessive use of water and contamination of the surrounding environment. The husks of pulped coffee, which are rich in nutrients, are used as fertilizer and organic matter in the coffee fields.

We roast these beans to create a comforting coffee that is creamy with a beautiful note of fig.



dose water temp. time
press 17g 270ml 92c 4:00m
aeropress 15g 225ml 92c 2:30m
pour over 20g 300ml 92c 2:30m