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Good from the Roots


What is good coffee?  Now, that’s a very difficult question to answer as the definition of what’s ‘good’ is deeply personal. It’s always so interesting to hear what our customers, farmers or roasters say about what constitutes a good cup of coffee.  To us, good coffee not only tastes good, but also embodies ‘goodness’ in many wonderful ways. We like to think of coffee as this special medium that connects people together. And through coffee, we can make a positive impact every step of the way; changing the lives of individuals, building communities and even shaping the industry itself.

Sometimes ‘good’ means threading our way up the hills right back to the source, sometimes it means investing in a better processing mill or drying facility, sometimes it means experimenting with different roasting techniques over and over again.  But when you really boil it down, ‘good’ stems from sharing knowledge, trusting and caring about each other and investing in strong fruitful relationships that stand the test of time.

We invite you to explore the untold stories and journeys of some of the people Roots has had the pleasure to work with.  Check out our trailer here and keep an eye out for the full version that’s launching soon at RootsBKK.com



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