Good from the Roots
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We invite you to discover what ‘good coffee’ means to an amazing group of coffee people we work with in our short film ''Good from the Roots”.

To us, good coffee not only tastes good, but also embodies ‘goodness’ in many wonderful ways. We like to think of coffee as this special medium that connects people together. And that through coffee, we can make a positive impact every step of the way; changing the lives of individuals, building communities and even shaping the industry itself.

Sometimes ‘good’ means treading our way up the hills to get right to the source, sometimes it means investing in a better processing mill or drying facility, sometimes it means experimenting with different roasting techniques over and over again.  But when it all boils down, ‘good’ stems from sharing knowledge, trusting and caring about each other and investing in strong, fruitful relationships that stand the test of time.

Follow the coffee journey of farmers, processors, buyers, distributors, exporters, and roasters and find out what good coffee means to them in our short film ''Good from the Roots”. We hope everyone will enjoy the film and possibly even discover your own definition of what a good cup of coffee is!


Good from the Roots

Directed by Winai Sattarujawongse


  • Fuadi Pitsuwan, Co-founder of Beanspire Coffee
  • P’ Oh & P' Joe, Processors from Mae Kampong Village, Chiang Mai
  • P’ Jaroon & P' Songkran, Farmers from Khun Lao Village, Chiang Rai
  • P’ Sri, Farmer from Khun Lao Village, Chiang Rai
  • Nui & Aoy, Farmers from Doi Saket, Chiang Mai
  • Korn Sanguankeaw, Head roaster and green buyer at Roots

Special thanks to

  • Jiranarong Wongsoontorn
  • Pohnnapa Anahunlipaiboon
  • Thirarat Phutthawong



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