Seasonal Espresso

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Seasonal Espresso


75% Pangkhon village, Chiang Rai (Honey process)

25% Le Tor Glo village, Tak (Honey process)

NotesJuicy, Apricot, Honey finish


About the people

Roots is proud to be working with so many amazing coffee people; this blend is combination of the coffee from Ata (Pangkhon village, Chiang Rai) and Chang Pao (Le Tor Glo village, Tak). These two share the same goal of improving the quality of their coffee, yet with a completely different approach from one another. Ata wants to learn and experiment with farming and processing techniques, whereas Chang Pao invests his efforts in conserving the forest of which his coffee tress are grown in. What you taste in the cup is reflective of their passion, determination and unique mindset and we think that is what makes the blend so special.

About the blend

This seasonal espresso contains 75% of honey process, Pangkhon coffee and 25% of honey process from Le Tor Glo village, Ta Song Yang, Tak province. Both types of coffee were pulped one day after they were picked (delayed pulping), they are then dried on raised beds for about 10-15 days. This is a sweet blend that’s juicy with a rounded acidity and smooth mouthfeel. 


Brewing guide

Dose Time Espresso
22g 26-28 sec 45ml